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Colonel Savin HISTORY OF SCIENCE: Colonel Savin, his life by J. Lambert
Hilaire Arnaud HISTORY OF SCIENCE: Obituary of H. Arnaud by A. de Grossouvre
Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Mineral, Gem & Fossil Show 2012 REPORTS: Sainte Marie aux Mines, Mineral & Fossil Show 2012
Victor Auguste Gauthier

HISTORY OF SCIENCE: J. Lambert's tribute to the memory of Victor-Auguste Gauthier

Gustave Cotteau

HISTORY OF SCIENCE: two tributes from his contemporaries to the memory of Gustave Cotteau, shortly after his death. A well-filled life.

Potassium hydroxid

PREPARATION: The KOH clearing technique, by Bernard G. (in french).


As promised, Pascal Sissiou send us a new report related to his trip in Crete. Discover the Melidoni Cave, the history, the the activities of the Speleo Club of Rethymno. (in german).

Fossil preparation (Scutellidae from Faluns de Touraine)

PREPARATION: You certainly own Scutellidae which, if they come from certain localities in the Touraine or Bordeaux areas for example, are heavily encrusted with consolidated sand whose highly siliceous matrix is difficult to remove. To be read urgently... Advice by Anhuta. (in french).


Sunny holidays in Crete! A short note from Pascal S., in which he tells us about his meeting with a Clypeaster specialist. (in german).

Desor vs Agassiz HISTORY OF SCIENCE: The dispute between Desor and Agassiz (accusation of plagiarism): Desor's point of view, who reacts strongly through a publication. A great naming and shaming exercise ?
Systematics GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Some notions of systematics. This is a very general article, but the glossary and the brief bibliography will allow you to go further. (in french).
Fossilization HISTORY OF SCIENCE: 25 January 1841, the Société Géologique de France was then only 10 years old. During this session, Mr d'Archiac presented a note on the fossilization of echinoderms.
Nucleolites On some intra-specific variations in Nucleolites from Calvados (France), by Jean-Philippe DUDZIAK. (in french).
The E.A.T. model GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Gaps in true homologies in the Echinodermata? (or the sinking of the pure pentaradal model).
Pores GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Pore series. In which the key to the main types of pore arrangements is given.
The Grandu site PALEONTOLOGY : Some sea urchins from Grandu (Oise, France) by Jean-Philippe DUDZIAK