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We greatly appreciate receiving off-prints from researchers as these papers are helpfull for us. Off-print donation is the better way to help us in scientific dissemination. About recent or fossil echinoids, published recently or already aged, all paper related to echinoderms (principally echinoids) are helpfull. If you want to do so, please send them to us through email or snailmail (just ask our postal references by email : in this case we will participate to postal expenses, if needed). Thanks by anticipation for your contribution. In the other hand we can help you by sending you scans from very ancient litterature, if some figurations are lacking in the library with which one you're working (only if there is no copyright or  if this one has expired).

03/01/2022  CIDARIDAE, STYLOCIDARINAE  Prionocidaris baculosa ; GONIOCIDARINAE Psilocidaris echinulata ; TOXOPNEUSTIDAE Toxopneustes pileolus
01/01/2022  PALEOPNEUSTIDAE  Plesiozonus diamedeae , Plesiozonus hirsutus ; PERICOSMIDAE Pericosmus cordatus
21/12/2021  DIADEMATIDAE  Diadema setosum ; EURYPATAGIDAE Eurypatagus ovalis ; MARETIIDAE Maretia planulata ; PERICOSMIDAE Pericosmus macronesius ; PALEOPNEUSTIDAE Plesiozonus hirsutus
20/12/2021  CIDARIDAE  Acanthocidaris macullicolis ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus granulatus ; LOVENIIDAE Lovenia elongata
19/12/2021  ECHINOCARDIIDAE Echinocardium cordatum ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus maillardi
18/12/2021  BRISSIDAE Metalia spatagus ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus undulatus ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Conolampas diomedeae
13/12/2021  TEMNOPLEURIDAE Amblypneustes ovum ; DIADEMATIDAE Astropyga radiata ; LOVENIIDAE Breynia elegans . BRISSIDAE Brissus agassizii, Brissus latecarinatus, Metalia angustus, Metalia dicrana
20/04/21 At the request of several people, we will make the site evolve. As you know, this site is mainly dedicated to FOSSIL sea urchins, but very soon we will inject gradually the extant genera and species. By the way, if some people are interested in participating for the figurations of extant sea urchins, they are welcome : just drop us a line by email and we will contact you to know how we can work together.

12/4/21 NEW FEATURE ! In order to interact with each other and with us, we provide a forum (see the main menu). Do not hesitate to register. The forum is in French, but you can use English without problem : see you live !
12/03/21 As you may have noticed, we have updated the interface of the site. This, with the idea of facilitating the navigation in the various headings and to reach more easily the sought information.
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Thank you again for your support in our "mission" to spread scientific culture.
15/11/20 SALENIIDAE Bathysalenia granulosa ; PRENASTERIDAE Agassizia albarbensis ; PSYCHOCIDARIDAE Caenocidaris cucumifera ; TRIGONOCIDARIDAE Circopeltis emiratus, Genocidaris maculata ; HOLECTYPIDAE Coenholectypus inflatus, COLLYRITIDAE Cardiopelta carinata, Cyclolampas voltzi, Proholaster auberti ; CONOCLYPIDAE Conoclypus subcylindricus ; CONULIDAE Conulus douvillei ; MICRASTERIDAE Cyclaster cf. gindrei, Micraster regularis, Micraster santanderensis, Plesiaster nobilis, Plesiaster trangahyenssis ; DISASTERIDAE Disaster subelongatus ; CIDARIDAE Dorocidaris taouzensis, Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) pyrenaica, Plegiocidaris saemanni ; ECHINOCYAMIDAE Echinocyamus ovatus, Echinocyamus pusillus ; MARETIIDAE Eupatagus acuminatus, Eupatagus minutus ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Gauthieria radiata, Micropsis leridensis, Phymosoma raguini ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE Gitolampas pyrenaicus ; GLYPHOPNEUSTIDAE Glyphopneustes hattaensis ; ACROPELTIDAE Goniopygus intricatus, Goniopygus royanus ; ECHINIDAE Gracilechinus elegans ; ARGBACIIDAE Gymnodiadema hessi, Hattopsis sphaericus ; HEMIASTERIDAE Hemiaster hattaensis ; LAGANIDAE Jacksonaster depressus, Laganum angulatum ; SALENIIDAE Leptosalenia mexicana ; TOXASTERIDAE Macraster polygonus ; NUCLEOLITIDAE Nucleolites truncatus, Nucleolites usoi ; FAUJASIIDAE Ochetus pauli, Pygurostoma morgani ; PARECHINIDAE Psammechinus hispaniae ; HOLASTERIDAE Pseudholaster latissimus ; PYGAULIDAE Pygorhynchus obovatus ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Schizaster angustisella, Schizaster excavatus ; SPATANGIDAE Spatangus purpureus ; STEGASTERIDAE Stegaster bouillei ; TEMNOPLEURIDAE Temnopleurus latidunensis ; EMIRATIIDAE Tiaromma guerangeri.
22/10/20 CIDARIDAE/STEREOCIDARINAE Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) figueiroensis, Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) malum ; STOMECHINIDAE Psephechinus germinans ; PSYCHOCIDARIDAE Balanocidaris marginata.
22/09/19 ARBACIIDAE Arbacina sloani, TRIGONOCIDARIDAE Arbacina monilis, Arbacina romana, Ortholophus woodsi, FAUJASIIDAE Australanthus florescens, Procassidulus lapiscancri, COLLYRITIDAE Cardiopelta trigonalis, CATOPYGIDAE Catopygus fenestratus, CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster gipslandicus , PEDINOPSIDAE Cottaldia benettiae, LABANIDAE Whytella eldridgei, GALERITIDAE Galerites hannoniensis, ACROPELTIDAE Goniopygus royanus, NEOLAMPADIDAE Oolopygus gracilis, PEDINIDAE Hemipedina chalmasi, Pedina davoustiana, Pedina sublaevis, TEMNOPLEURIDAE Paradoxechinus granulosus, Paradoxechinus novus, FIBULARIIDAE Lenita patellaris, ECHINARACHNIIDAE Proescutella caillaudi, PSEUDODIADEMATIDAE Pseudodiadema orbignyanum, PHYMOSOMATIDAE Phymosoma girumnensis, NUCLEOLITIDAE Nucleolites luynesi, ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas Macphersoni, CONULIDAE Conulus ovulum, PARECHINIDAE Psammechinus dubius, SALENIIDAE Salenidia bourgeoisi.
18/05/19 HOLECTYPIDAE Holectypus corallinus, Cohenholectypus engerraudi, Camerogalerus minimus ; FAUJASIIDAE Hardouinia bassleri, PROTOSCUTELLIDAE Periarchus lyelli ; AEROPSIDAE Coraster margaritae, Conulus petrocoriensis ; DISASTERIDAE Disaster granulosus ; FIBULARIIDAE Thagastea luciani, Fibularia vaughani; PYGAULIDAE Echinogalerus faba ; ECHINOCYAMIDAE Echinocyamus inflatus, Echinocyamus tristomanthus
30/05//19 OLIGOPYGIDAE Oligopygus wetherbyi, Oligopygus phelani ; COLLYRITIDAE Pygomalus ovalis ; SCUTELLIDAE, Scutella checchiae occidentalis, Parascutella forumjuliensis ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE Gitolampas elegans ; NEOLAMPADIDAE Oolopygus gracilis ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Hungaresia ovum ; FAUJASIIDAE Hardouinia mortonis ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster portentosus ; Clypeaster reidii ; Clypeaster subdecagonus Clypeaster calabrus, Clypeaster campanulatus, Clypeaster cottreaui, Clypeaster insignis, Clypeaster latirostris, Clypeaster latirostris var. laganoides; LOVENIIDAE Lovenia bagheerae, Lovenia woodsi ; SCHYZASTERIDAE Schizaster varialilis ; FIGULARIIDAE Scutellina rotunda ; SALENIIDAE, Salenia (S.) areolata, Salenia (S.) loveni ; CIDARIDAE Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) mengaudi
16/04//19 NUCLEOLITIDAE Nucleolites baueri, Nucleolites planatus, Pseudosorella richardsoni, Nucleolites usoi ; TOXOPNEUSTIDAE Nudechinus gravieri, Nudechinus scotiopremnus ; ORTHOPSIDAE Orthopsis amellagense, Orthopsis granulare ; MICRASTERIDAE Ovulaster zignoanus ; POLYCIDARIDAE Paracidaris (Anisocidaris) mercieri ; HEMICIDARIDAE Hemicidaris hoffmanni ; PYGAULIDAE Plagiochasma campicheanus ; CIDARIDAE Plegiocidrais elegans ; PLESIOLAMPADIDAE Plesiolampas declivis ; SALENIDAE Salenia (Pleurosalenia) heberti, Salenia (Salenia) gibba, Salenia (Salenia) petalifera, Salenia (Salenia) scutigera, Bathysalenia granulosa ; PARECHINIDAE Psammechinus cf. microtubertulatus ; STOMECHINIDAE Psephechinus quoniami, Psephechinus vacheyi ; PYGORHYTIDAE Pygorhytis klairi ; CASSIDULIDAE Rhyncholampas sorigneti
23/03/19 HOLASTERIDAE Cibaster nuciformis ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus coronalis ; HOLECTYPIDAE Coenholectypus neocomiensis ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Cosmocyphus princeps ; AEROPSIDAE Cottreaucorys blayaci ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Diploporaster savignyi, Opissaster gregoirei ; HEMIASTERIDAE Ditremaster pellati ; LAGANIDAE Durhamella ocalana, Neolaganum durhami ; ECHINOCYAMIDAE Echinocyamus ovatus ; ZEUGLOPLEURIDAE Echinocyphus pisum, Glyptocyphus difficilis ; GLYPHOCYPHIDAE Echinopsis libycus ; FIBULARIIDAE Fibularia ovulum, Fibularia volva ; GALERITIDAE Galerites hannoniensis ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE Gitolampas mcnamarae ; SALENIIDAE Goniophorus scotti ; TRIGONOCIDARIDAE Goniosigma enysi ; LOVENIIDAE Gualtieria almerai ; HOLASTERIDAE Holaster toucasi ; HOLECTYPIDAE Holectypus depressus ; CARDIASTERIDAE Infulaster excentricus ; MARETIIDAE Maretia carolinensis ; MICRASTERIDAE Micraster coribericum.
11/10/18 PSEUDODIADEMATIDAE Acrocidaris nobilis ; LOVENIIDAE Blaviaster grossouvrei, Breynia carinata ; ECHINARACHNIIDAE Astrodapsis cierboensis ; HOLECTYPIDAE Camerogalerus cf. peroni, Camerogalerus conicus ; COLLYRITIDAE Cardiopelta trigonalis ; SALENIDAE Bathysalenia granulosa ; HOLASTERIDAE Cibaster nuciformis ; CASSIDULIDAE Cassidulus evergladensis ; Rhyncholampas gouldii.
11/10/18 SCUTELLIDAE Scutella subrotunda, Parascutella smithiana ; PERICOSMIDAE Pericosmus agassizi, Pericosmus marianii ; MICRASTERIDAE Roweaster corbovis, Plesiaster cavifer ; Plesiaster nobilis ; CARDIASTERIDAE : Plesioorys (Sternotaxis) heberti ; HOLASTERIDAE : Scagliaster latissimus ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Ova canalifera, Schizaster barcinensis, Schizaster montserratensis, Schizaster ventiensis ; MARETIIDAE Spatagobrissus laubei ; SPATANGOIDA Platyspatus chitonosus ; SPATANGIDAE Spatangus desmaresti, Spatangus purpureus, Spatangus saheliensis ; STEGASTERIDAE Stegaster chalmasi ; STOMOPNEUSTIDAE Stomopneustes pristinus ; CIDARIDAE Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) dissimilis ; TEMNOPLEURIDAE Temnotrema morganensis.
02/09/18 BASAL MERIDOSTERNATA Galeola papillosa basiplana ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE Gitolampas placenta, Gitolampas tumidus ; SPATANGIDAE Granopatagus subindermis ; LOVENIIDAE Gualtieria almerai, Hemipatagus martensii, HEMICIDARIDAE Gymnocidaris lestocquii ; FAUJASIIDAE Hardouinia micrococcus ; HEMIASTERIDAE Hemiaster aragonensis , Hemiaster ricordeauanus ; AEROPSIDAE Homoeaster tunetanus ; TOXASTERIDAE Macraster ibizaensis ; MONOPHORASTERIDAE Monophoraster darwini ; HOLASTEROIDA Murciaster nicolleaui.
25/08/18 ECHINARACHNIIDAE Astrodapsis antiselli ; MARETIDAE Eupatagus multituberculatus ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster cf. michelotti, Clypeaster platygaster, Clypeaster vilaplanae ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus coronalis (juveniles with attached spines) ; COURUSTIDAE Corystus dysasteroides, ECHINOCARDIIDAE Echinocardium marylandiense ; ECHINOCORYTHIDAE Echinocorys darderi, Echinocorys, perconica ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas dorsalis var. brionensis, Echinolampas perrieri, Echinolampas tagligerroi, Echinolampas tumida, Echinolampas visedoi.
29/07/18 ORTHOPSIDAE Stirechinus scillae .  PARECHINIDAE Psammechinus carolinensis, EMIRATIIDAE Tetragramma raulini ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Phymosoma delaunayi ; PSEUDODIADEMATIDAE Pseudodiadema conforme ; ARACHNOIDIDAE Monostychia sp "Knight Shield" shaped.
03/07/18 SALENIIDAE Salenia nutrix ; PYGAULIDAE Pygaulus macropygus ; CALYMNIDAE Pseudoffaster caucasicus ; PARECHINIDAE Psammechinus martinkayei ; EMIRATIIDAE Polydiadema sculptilis ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Phymosoma granulosum, Porosoma cribrum, Micropsis hispanica ; PYGASTERIDAE Pygaster trigeri ; PERICOSMIDAE Pericosmus latus ; SPATANGIDAE Spatangus purpureus ; TOXASTERIDAE Pliotoxaster cf. wrighti ; MICRASTERIDAE Micraster sphaerula ; MARETIDAE Eupatagus hildae, Maretia carolinensis ; STOMECHINIDAE Magnosia pilos.
21/05/18 ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Hypsoclypus pouyannei ; MACROPNEUSTIDAE Hypsospatagus meneghini, Macropneustes minor ; STOMECHINIDAE Echinotiara microcyphus ; SALENIDAE Leptosalenia barredai ; LEVENIIDAE Lovenia lorioli
20/05/18 HEMICIDARIDAE Hemicidaris mitra, Hypodiadema guerangeri ; BLYPHOCYPHIDAE Hemidiadema malladai ; INSERTAE SEDIS Heterobrissus montesi ; SALENIDAE Hyposalenia acanthodes, Hyposalenia archiaci, Hyposalenia philipsae, Hyposalenia studeri
13/05/18 ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas angulata, Echinolampas manzonii, Echinolampas seutiformis ; ECHINOMETRIDAE Echinometra mathaei ; TOXASTERIDAE Epiaster michelini ; FIBULARIIDAE Fibularia ovulum ; GALERITIDAE Miocyphosoma wetherelli ; ACROPELTIDAE Goniopygus menardi, Goniopygus royoi ().
06/05/18 PRENASTERIDAE Agassizia lovisatoi ; ANORTHOPYGIDAE Anorthopygus texanus ; ARBACIIDAE Arbia aldrichi, Coelopleurus isabellae ; ARCHIACIIDAE Archiacia santonensis ; CASSIDULIDAE Cassidulus santolayae ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster sardinensis ; COLLYRITIDAE Collyrites dorsalis ; CONULIDAE Conulus circularis ; TEMNOPLEURIDAE Coptechinus bigoti (female) ; EMIRATIIDAE Diplopodia atlasensis, Diplopodia versipora ; PYGAULIDAE Echinogalerus bueltenensis ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas blaviensis, Echinolampas barcinensis.
22/08/2017 FAUJASIIDAE Hardouinia mortonis emmonsi ; ROTULIDAE Heliophora orbicularis ; HEMIASTERIDAE Hemiaster bexari, Hemiaster dalloni ; GLYPHOCYPHIDAE Hemidiadema forcellensis, Hemidiadema malladai.
23/08/2016 PSEUDODIADEMATIDAE Acrocidaris striata ; TEMNOPLEURIDAE Actapericulum formosa ; GLYPHOCYPHIDAE Arachniopleurus reticulatus , Arachniopleurus vilanovae ; ARBACIIDAE : Arbacia crenulata ; TRIGONOCIDARIDAE Arbacina catenata ; ARCHIACIIDAE Archiacia santonensis ; ASTRICLYPEIDAE Astriclypeus manii ; INSERTAE SEDIS Astrolampas depressus ; CLYPEIDAE Clypeus michelini ; SALENIIDAE Bathysalenia gallemii ; CLYPEIDAE Bothryopneustes cf. lorioli ; BRISSOPSIDAE Brissopsis almerai ; BRISSIDAE Brissus jacquemeti ; TRIGONOCIDARIDAE Ortholophus stellatus ; LAGANIDAE Caenofibula castriauliensis ; HOLECTYPIDAE Discoides decorata, Cohenholectypus nanus, Camerogalerus cantabricus, Camerogalerus cylindricus ; CORYSTIDAE Cardabia bullarensis ; CASSIDULIDAE Cassidulus ovalis ; RHABDOCIDARIDAE Rhabdocidaris gourdoni ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster chiapanensis, Clypeaster gibbosus, Clypeaster intermedius ; STOMECHINIDAE Codechinus rotundus ; CONULIDAE Conulus castanea ; TRIGONOCIDARIDAE Cryptechinus humilior ; LAGANIDAE Cubanaster torrei ; MICRASTERIDAE Cyclaster danicus, Diplodetus brevistella, DISASTERIDAE Disaster subelongatus ; HEMIASTERIDAE Ditremaster scillae ; ZEUGOPLEURIDAE Echinocyphus pisum ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas curtus ; GLYPHOCYPHIDAE Microcyphus psephechinus ; ECHINIDAE Echinus melo ; CIDARIDAE Eucidaris zeamays ; MARETIIDAE Eupatagus acuminatus, Eupatagus cossmanni, Eupatagus franciscanus, Eupatagus vasseuri ; CASSIDULIDAE Eurhodia amygdala, Eurhodia rugosa rugosa, FIGULARIIDAE Fibularia texana ; ARACHNOIDIDAE Fossulaster halli (spécimen mâle et femelle) : GALERPYGIDAE Galeropysgus agariciformis ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE Gitolampas cf. sopitianus, Gitolampas reguanti, Gitolampas issyaviensis ;  ACROPELTIDAE Goniopygus intricatus ; BRISSIDAE Guillechinus cudmorei ; HEMICIDARIDAE Gymnocidaris pseudohemicidaris ; FAUJASIIDAE Hardouinia mortonis emmonsi.
16/10/2015 LAGANIDAE Weisbordella cubae (Weisbord) ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Thylechinus frossardi (Cotteau,1889) ; EMIRATIIDAE Tetragramma almerai (Lambert,1902), Tetragramma malbosi (Agassiz,1846)  Spécimen avec radioles ambitaux et sous-ambitaux ; INSERTAE SEDIS Trachyaster globosus Pomel,1869
15/10/2015 SCHIZASTERIDAE Schizaster desori Wright,1855 , Schizaster rousseli Cotteau,1887 ; PYGASTERIDAE Pygaster reynesi Desor in Reynes,1868 ; CASSIDULIDAE Rhyncholampas grignonensis (Defrance, 1825) ; SALENIIDAE Salenia (Salenia) nutrix Peron & Gauthier,1881

Temnocidaris (Temnocidaris) baylei Cotteau, 1863
14/10/2015 FAUJASIIDAE Procassidulus ligeriensis (Cotteau, 1869), Petalobrissus rawdahensis (Smith, 1995) ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Porosoma dallonii Lambert,1927 ; CIDARIDAE  Prionocidaris vendocinensis (Agassiz & Desor, 1846) ; PLESIOLAMPADIDAE Pseudopygaulus lorioli (Cotteau,1889).
13/10/2015 MARETIIDAE Maretia grignonensis ; HEMIASTERIDAE Mecaster syriacus ; NUCLEOLITIDAE Nucleolites scutatus (several specimens) ; PEDINOPSIDAE   Pedinopsis meridanensis ; FAUJASIIDAE Stygmatopygus linguiformis
11/10/2015 STOMECHINIDAE Magnosia forbesi , Psephechinus daguini (forme géante, pyriforme) , Magnosia termieri ; HETEROCIDARIDAE Heterocidaris trigeri ; LOVENIIDAE Lovenia anteroalta ; HETERODIADAMATIDAE  Heterodiadema ouremense (deux nouveaux spécimens)
ouveaux spécimens)
09/10/2015 ECHINOCYAMIDAE Echinocyamus stellatus ; ARACHNOIDIDAE Fossulaster halli (male specimen) ; ACROPELTIDAE Goniopygus arabicus, Goniopygus petrocoriensis ; HEMICIDARIDAE Gymnocidaris atchanensis ; TOXASTERIDAE Heteraster obliquatus
21/07/2015 some news !  HEMIASTERIDAE Jordaniaster jusseini ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Linthia heberti ; MICRASTERIDAE Micraster matheroni ;  TOXASTERIDAE Epiaster distinctus ;  MARETIIDAE  Maretia aragonensis.
11/11/2014 No news since a lot of time... sorry for that :)   but there was a lot of work here and not only because of the sea urchins !  FAUJASIIDAE Zuffardia morgani (several specimens) , Pygurostoma morgani ; HEMIPNEUSTIDAE Hemipneustes arabicus ; ECHINOCARDIIDAE Echinocardium mediterraneum ; ECHINOCORYTHIDAE Echinocorys cotteaui ; CLYPHOCYPHIDAE Hemidiadema intermedium ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas posterolata ; SCUTELLIDAE Eoscutum doncieuxi ; APATOPYGIDAE Apatopygus vicentinus ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster crassicostatus, Clypeaster humilis ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus coronalis ; HOLECTYPIDAE Cohenholectypus excisus, Cohenholectypus larteti ; AEROPSIDAE Coraster sphaericus ; HEMICIDARIDAE Asterocidaris bistriata ; STOMECHINIDAE Baronechinus baroni ; PSYCHOCIDARIDAE Caenocidaris cucumifera ; TRIGONOCIDARIDAE  ; Circopeltis meridanense PLIOLAMPADIDAE ; Arnaudaster cylindriformis
19/01/2014 some novelties coming from the collection of a friend of mine, J. Espilez. All these echinoids come from Sultanate of Oman and United Arab Emirates. This is the first part. The 2nd and last one will be published in the beginning of February. ACROPELTIDAE Goniopygus arabicus ; SALENIIDAE Salenia nutrix ; ARBACIIDAE   Hattopsis paucituberculatus, Codiopsis lehmannae, Protechinus emiratescu ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE  Vologesia rawdahensis ; FAUJASIIDAE   Stygmatopygus linguiformis, Petalobrissus rawdahensis, Petalobrissus setifensis, Stygmatopygus pulchellus, Faujasia eccentripora ; APATOPYGIDAE Nucleopygus magnus, Nucleopygus iranicus ; ORTHOPSIDAE Orthopsis miliaris ; STOMECHINIDAE Echinotiara perebaskinei ; HOLECTYPIDAE Coenholectypus baluchistanensis ; CONULIDAE Globator bleicheri, Conulus douvillei
10/11/2013 following my first message, please find hereafter another addition to the website.
SCHIZASTERIDAE Schizaster studeri ; TOXOPNEUSTIDAE Schizechinus serialis ; SCUTELLIDAE Scutella subtrigona ; ARACHNOIDIDAE Scutellinoides patella ; SPATANGIDAE Spatangus sardicus ; STEGASTERIDAE Stegaster subtrigonatus ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE   Thylechinus frossardi ; CIDARIDAE  Stylocidairs affinis ; INSERTAE SEDIS   Trachyaster almerae ; TOXASTERIDAE   Washitaster riovistae ; LAGANIDAE   Withella eldrigei ; ZEUGOPLEURIDAE  Zeugopleurus graffhami
09/11/2013 Some new galeries for this update, just click the species names to reach the related page. HOLASTERIDAE Pseudholaster perezi ; PLESIOLAMPADIDAE Pseudopygaulus lorioli ; CONULIDAE Pseudopyrina darderi , Pseudopyrina cylindrica ; PYGAULIDAE  Pygorhynchus montesinosi ; GLYPHOCYPHIDAE  Rachiosoma delamarrei ; CASSIDULIDAE : Rhyncholampas georgiensis var. globosus ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Schizaster rousseli
24/10/2013 Hi All, following the message of yesterday, other publications : LOVENIIDAE  Lovenia forbesii ; TOXASTERIDAE Macraster roberti var. ovatus ; MACROPNEUSTIDAE Megapneustes grandis ; MICRASTERIDAE Micraster schroederi ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Micropsis pouechi ; HOLECTYPIDAE Camerogalerus conica ; LAGANIDAE Cenofibula castriauliensis ; NUCLEOLITIDAE Nucleolites gibbosus
23/10/2013 updates for several families : have a fine evening :)  HEMIPNEUSTIDAE specimen with only 4 ambulacra Hemipneustes striatoradiatus ; HEMIASTERIDAE   Hemiaster wetherbyi ; Leymeriaster leymeriei ; HETERODIADEMATIDAE Heterodiadema ouremense ; TOXASTERIDAE Heteraster peroni ; HOLECTYPIDAE Holectypus orificiatus ; Holectypus hemisphaericus ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE Ilariona damesi ; APATOPYGIDAE Nucleopygus (Jolyclypus) jolyi ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Linthia aragonensis ; Linthia heberti ; EMIRATIIDAE Loriola wrightii.
18/09/2013 some novelties : GALEROPYGIDAE Galeropygus agariciformis ; FAUJASIIDAE Hardouinia aequora ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE  Gitolampas bathypygus ; SCUTELLIDAE Parmulechinus subtetragona ;
HEMICIDARIDAE Gymnocidaris atchanensis
17/09/2013 ECHINIDAE Echinus algirus ; FAUJASIIDAE Faujasia apicalis ; ARACHNOIDIDAE, FOSSULASTERIDAE   Fossulaster halli (male specimens) ; INSERTAE SEDIS Gagaria venustula ; BASAL MERIDOSTERNATA Galeola papillosa. CU. later !
01/09/2013 following my message of yesterday :HOLECTYPIDAE Cohenholectypus larteti ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus coronalis , Coelopleurus (Murravechinus) paucituberculatus , Codiopsis major ;
Clypeaster fervens (one specimen with a nice green color and the other one is pathologic)
31/08/2013 New things to enjoy : ECHINONEIDAE Amblypygus dilatatus ; BRISSOPSIDAE Brissopsis lusitanicus ; CONOCLYPYDAE Conoclypys cotteaui ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster altus, Clypeaster caudatus
06/07/2013 some new things : Jordaniaster husseini, Anisaster mossomi, Arachniopleurus reticulatus, Cohenholectypus baluchistanensis, Goniopygus peltatus, Arbacina mutellaensis, Clypeopygus paultrei, Coraster Sphaericus, Hemidiadema intermedium, Hypodiadema guerangeri, Linthia aragonensis, Peronella archerensis, Mecaster arnonensis.
08/05/2013 Hello, some little things here : PYGASTERIDAE Pygaster gresslyi  ; SPATANGIDAE Spatangus thieryi ; GALERITIDAE Rostrogalerus rostratus
01/05/2013 hope you feel good. Here in France it's a holyday, nobody works, except.... ;)  So, lets have some pleasure if needed and look at this : STOMOPNEUSTIDAE Phymechinus jauberti (Cotteau,1863),   EMIRATIIDAE Diplopodia subangularis (Goldfuss,1826), Polydiadema bipunctata (Desor,1856), Polydiadema depressa (Agassiz in Ag. & Desor,1846), FAUJASIIDAE  Procassidulus ligeriensis(Cotteau, 1869), Rhynchopygus lusitanicus (de Loriol, 1884), CALYMNIDAE Pseudoffaster caucasicus (Dru,1884), TOXOPNEUSTIDAE Lytechinus variegatus (Lamarck, 1816), SCHIZASTERIDAE Linthia hovelacquei (Cotteau,1889), NEOLAMPADIDAE Oolopygus pyriformis (Leske,1778), HOLASTERIDAE Holaster similis (Lambert,1922), HOLECTYPIDAE Cohenholectypus transpecoensis Cragin,1893, Cohenholectypus ovatus (Whitney & Kellum,1966),  ARCHIACIIDAE Archiacia gigantea  d'Orbigny,1855, COLLYRITIDAE Cardiopelta jaccardi (Desor,1869), ARBACIIDAE Codiopsis senessei Lambert in Lambert & Valette,1934, CASSIDULIDAE Eurhodia holmesi (Twitchell in Clark,1915), Cassidulus santolayae (Sillero in Santoloya & Sillero,1994), HEMIASTERIDAE Hemiaster bexari Clark,1915, Ditremaster pellati (Cotteau,1863), ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas (Echinolampas) silensis Desor in de Loriol,1875, Globator parryi (Hall,1857), GALERITIDAE Galerites stadensis (Lambert,1911), PLIOLAMPADIDAE Gitolampas minor (Cotteau,1889).

22/01/2013 The last part, for the moment ! SCHIZASTERIDAE Schizaster decipiens ; EMIRATIIDAE Tetragramma malbosi , Tetragramma almerai ; FAUJASIIDAE Stigmatopygus linguiformis

21/03/2013 I do what I promised, another little serie, with a specimen with its apical plates (Microcyphus) : TEMNOPLEURIDAE Microcyphus rousseaui ; PRENASTERIDAE Prenaster alpinus ; TRIGONOCIDARIDAE theOrtholophus pulchellus

20/01/2013 following the three previous series, this is another one ! And... this is not finished for the moment  TOXASTERIDAE Heteraster obliquatus ; Toxaster maurus ; MARETIIDAE Maretia grignonensis ; Maretia ocellata ; HEMIASTERIDAE Mecaster cubicus

19/01/2013 Another update for the echinoid fans : CLYPEIDAE Clypeus michelini ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus coronalis ; basal MERIDOSTERNATA Galeola papillosa ; CASSIDULIDAE Eurhodia amygdala ; GALERITIDAE Galerites sulcatoradiatus ; Galerites vulgaris

18/01/2013 Some new specimens for you. It's a short list comparing usually, but on the other hand, I will present you new species more regularly.
Amblypygus dilatatus ; BRISSOPSIDAE Brissopsis consobrinus ; Brissopsis crescenticus ; Brissopsis lusitanicus ; Brissopsis ottnangnsis ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE
Arnaudaster toucasi

01/01/2013 Hello Everybody, friends and Folks, fans & collectors, I hope you feel good and that this newsletter will be the first contact of the year for you into the world of fossil echinoids
As I said previously on the Facebook page of the website, I wish you all a great New Year with a lot of fossils, love (a mountain of it), new friends, health & all what you're expecting ;)
This is the FIRST update for the new year with two very rare species coming from Morocco (the two first links in the list below)
Enjoy these marvellous little things and... C.U. later Folks !
Heterocidaris trigeri two specimens, one of them is showing the structure of the ambulacrum and the associated spines. The ambulacrum of this species wasn't known till today, to my knowledge!
Masrouraster ouhouissi male and female specimens, you will notice the difference into the size of the pores on the apical plates and the very different shape depending of the gender ;
Scutellaster interlineata, An uncommon species (here presented in a partial block showing a mass mortality). The specimens are totally covered with their spines ; RHABDOCIDARIDAE Rhabdocidaris turbeti ; HEMIASTERIDAE Holanthus vadosus ; PYGASTERIDAE Pygaster ornatus , one of the specimens is showing the madreporite plate, this situation is excessively uncommon, because usually the apical system is lacking

23/12/2012 Hello ! This will be the last update for 2012... Have a good surf with us and of course a nice Christmas time. All the best from France, see you later in 2013 as we are still alive since December 21th !!
SCHIZASTERIDAE Schizaster calceolus ; STOMECHINIDAE Diplechinus hebbriensis ; ECHINOCORYTHIDAE Echinocorys fonticola, Echinocorys perconica, Echinocorys arnaudi, Echinocorys gravesi ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster acclivis, Clypeaster tauricus, Clypeaster solanoi ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas (E.) deshayesi ; TOXASTERIDAE Epiaster thomasi ; HEMICIDARIDAE Hemiaster cesaredensis
11/12/2012 CARDIASTERIDAE Cardiaster integer ; DIPLOCIDARIDAE Diplocidaris mauritanicus ; STOMECHINIDAE Magnosia termieri ; Thierychinus delaunayi ; PEDINOPSIDAE Pedinopsis meridanensis ; CIDARIDAE Plegiocidaris saemanni (two new specimens) ; NEOLAMPADIDAE Pliolampas vassali ; ORTHOPSIDAE Orthopsis ovata (spécimen tératologique suite à un trauma)
09/12/2012 Following my last message, I will write now in french, because this is related to papers written in... french !
Donc, pour les francophones, deux nouveaux articles, dans la suite des "notices nécrologiques" sur d'éminents échinologistes, écrites par de non moins éminents noms de la paléontologie.
Notice nécrologique à l'occasion du décès de Mr le Colonel Savin, écrite par Jules Lambert et
Hommage à H. Arnaud par A. de Grossouvre
bonne lecture, et je suis sûr que vous allez apprendre plein de choses.
09/12/2012 TOXASTERIDAE Toxaster granosus var kiliani ; SALENIIDAE Salenia pesmei ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas posteroalta ; HEMICIDARIDAE Cidaropsis anoualensis ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster tavanii ; SCUTELLIDAE Scaphechinus mirabilis
10/11/2012 APATOPYGIDAE Apatopygus gaudensis ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus melitensis ; ARACHNOIDIDAE Willungaster scutellaris (mâle), Prowillungaster major ; LAGANIDAE Weisbordella johnsoni ; SPATANGIDAE Spatangus lovisatoi ; CASSIDULIDAE Rhyncholampas gregoirei ; EMIRATIIDAE Tetragramma almerai, Polydiadema bourgueti, Polydiadema gurgitis, Polydiadema trigeri, Loriolia wrightii ; CLYPEOLAMPADIDAE Clypeolampas perovalis ; COLLYRITIDAE Collyrites elliptica, Collyrites cheveti ; SCUTELLIDAE Scutella subrotundaeformis ; ARCHIACIIDAE Thomasaster araidahensis ; PSEUDODIADEMATIDAE Hessotiara florescens ; STOMECHINIDAE Echinotiara perebaskinei ; FAUJASIIDAE Stigmatopygus linguiformis, Zuffardia morgani, Hardouinia saulcierae, Petalobrissus cf. setifensis, Petalobrissus djelfensis ; MARETIIDAE Maretia grignonensis, Eupatagus deconincki, Eupatagus multituberculatus ; TOXASTERIDAE Heteraster couloni, Pliotoxaster paquieri, Heteraster renevieri, Macraster pesudoelegans, Macraster polygonus, Heteraster obliquatus, Toxaster maurus ; CIDARIDAE, Cidarinae Prionocidaris bofilli ; GLYPTICIDAE Glypticus sulcatus ; FIBULARIIDAE Fibularia damensis ; SALENIDAE Leptosalenia prestensis ; HOLECTYPIDAE Cohenholectypus similis, Cohenholectypus turonensis, Cohenholectypus subpentagonalis ; TRIGONOCIDARIDAE Arbacina mutellaensis, Ortholophus pulchellus ; PERICOSMIDAE Pericosmus oppenheimi, Pericosmus spatangoides ; LOVENIIDAE Blaviaster grossouvrei ; PYGAULIDAE Pygorhynchus aragonensis ; GLYPHOCYPHIDAE Hemidiadema rugosum ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Phymosoma magnificum ; ORTHOPSIDAE Orthopsis repellini ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Linthia vilanovae, Gregoryaster coranguinum, Diploporaster savignyi ; CARDIASTERIDAE Plesiocorys (Plesiocorys) placenta ; CONULIDAE Globator bleicheri ; NUCLEOLITIDAE Nucleolites letteroni, Nucleolites micraulus, Phyllobrissus gresslyi, Phyllobrissus pulvinatus
21/07/2012 An innovation that will help you since today : in the index pages of the "new galleries", you can now access directly to the specimen you were looking for, by its species name ! Good visit on Echinologia.


08/07/2012 Hi folks, An update for galleries today :
Acrocidaris nobilis AGASSIZ,1840
Phymosoma archiaci (COTTEAU,1863)
Brissus latecarinatus (LESKE,1778)
Aulacopygus subcircularis (COTTEAU,1874)
Clypeaster fervens KOEHLER,1922
Conoclypus vilanovae (COTTEAU,1890)
Echinolampas (Echinolampas) kleinii (GOLDFUSS,1826)
Goniopygus royoi LAMBERT,1928
Goniopygus menardi DESMAREST,1825
07/07/2012 A new article with more than 300 pictures on the 2012 Fossil & Mineral Show at Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, just click HERE !
13/05/2012 As the weather is sunny, and since that the lawnmower has finished to work, and that  my breakfast is finish... I can now publish for you some news about echinoids ;)
 Clypeaster marginatus LAMARCK,1816
Clypeaster modenai LOVISATO,1915
Conoclypus lucentinus (COTTEAU,1889)
Echinolampas (Echinolampas) hoffmanni DESOR in AGASSIZ & DESOR,1847
Epiaster villei COQUANE,1862
Diplocidaris mauritanicus JEANNET,1936
Dubarechinus despujolsi LAMBERT,1937  
(giant specimen)
Goniopygus coutini LAMBERT,1931
(giant specimen)
Mecaster batnensis (COQUAND,1862)
Three new specimens, one of them is really a monster, but unfortunately a little bit crushed, 95 mm !
Pedinopsis meridanensis COTTEAU,1863
One of my prefered echinoids
Pygaster ornatus (BUCK. in MURCHISON,1845)
Thierychinus delaunayi LAMBERT,1914
01/05/2012 following the two previous series, this is the beginning of the "main course" !
Plesiocorys (Sternotaxis) plana (MANTELL,1822)
Clypeaster scutum LAUBE,1868
Echinolampas politus (LAMARCK,1816)
Echinolampas morgadesi LAMBERT,1902
Echinolampas scutiformis (DESMOULINS,1837)
Echinometra mathaei (de BLAINVILLE,1825)
Eupatagus murrayensis LAUBE,1863
Eupatagus deconincki (WRIGHT,1855)
Gongrochanus herschellianus (M'CLELLAND,1840)
Petalobrissus djelfensis (GAUTHIER,1899)
Gauthieria radiata (SORIGNET,1850)
Hemiaster batalleri LAMBERT,1933
Hemiaster sexangulatus (d'ORBIGNY,1854)
Mecaster arnonensis NEUMANN,1999
Heteraster couloni (d'ORBIGNY,1855)
Heteraster peroni FICHEUR,1900
Toxaster argilaceus (d'ORBIGNY,1853)
Nucleolites latiporus AGASSIZ,1839
Nucleopygus magnus SMITH,1995
Pericosmus asperulatus (HERKLOTS,1854)

Plesiaster cavifer SCHLÜTER,1900
Pseudodiadema seguini LAMBERT
Schizaster saheliensis POMEL,1887
Scutella subrotundaeformis SCHAUROTH,1865
09/04/2012 First part of a big lot of new species. Take a look ! !CONOCLYPIDAE Conoclypus anachoreta AGASSIZ,1839 ; PRENASTERIDAE Agassizia floridana de LORIOL,1887 ; BRISSOPSIDAE Brissopsis crescenticus WRIGHT,1864 ; CLYPEASTERIDAE  Clypeaster scillae (DESMOULINS,1837) ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas deshayesi DESOR ; TOXASTERIDAE  Epiaster thomasi (GAUTHIER,1876), Epiaster dartoni COOKE,1954, Heteraster renevieri (DESOR,1858), Toxaster argilaceus (d'ORBIGNY,1853) ; FAUJASIIDAE Gongrochanus herschelianus (M'CLELLAND,1840), Petalobrissus trigonopygus (COTTEAU,1864), Zuffardia morgani (COTTEAU & GAUTHIER,1895)
05/01/2012 For this update, a lot of families are represented with various species, some of them are very scarce. Take a look !
MARETIIDAE Maretia cordiformis (MORTENSEN,1948) ; PSYCHOCIDARIDAE Tylocidaris propinquus (MÜNSTER in GOLDFUSS,1829) ; PRIONOCIDARIDAE
Prionocidaris vendocinensis (AGASSIZ & DESOR,1846) ; LAGANIDAE  Rumphia ricta (GREGORY,1892) ; ARACHNOIDIDAE Arachnoides placenta (LINNE,1758) ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Micropsis samperi COTTEAU,1890 ; HETERODIADEMATIDAE Heterodiadema ouremense de LORIOL,1884 ; FAUJASIIDAE Hardouinia subquadrata (CONRAD,1860), Hardouinia kellumi (STEPHENSON,1927) ; CONULIDAE Globator bleicheri (GAUTHIER,1889) ; PEDINIDAE Diademopsis crinifera (QUENSTEDT,1852) ; PLIOLAMPADIDAE Gitolampas hispanicus (COTTEAU,1889) ; CLYPEASTERIDAE Clypeaster rogersi (MORTON,1834) ; BRISSIDAE  Brissus gregoryi STEFANINI ; BRISSOPSIDAE Brissopsis crescenticus WRIGHT,1854 ; CASSIDULIDAE Cassidulus ovalis (COTTEAU,1856) ; ARCHAEOCIDARIDAE  Archaeocidaris illinoisensis (WORTHEN & MILLER,1850) ; Archaeocidaris whorteni HALL,1895 ; Archaeocidaris aliquantula KIER,1958 ;
Arbacina piae LOVISATO,1895 ; SALENIIDAE Salenia garciae COTTEAU,1890 ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Schizaster melitensis STEFANINI,1908 ; HOLECTYPIDAE
Cohenholectypus engerrandi (LAMBERT,1927).
GLYPHOCYPHIDAE Arachniopleurus vilanovae (COTTEAU,1890) ; ECHINNARACHNIIDAE Astrodapsis spatiosus KEW,1920 ; ARBACIIDAE Coelopleurus munieri COTTEAU,1892 ; MARETIIDAE Eupatagus rotundus DUNCAN,1877 ; CLYPEIDAE Clypeus michelini (WRIGHT,1854) ; LOVENIIDAE Gualtieria alicantina SANTOLAYA,1993 ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE Micropsis tremadesi COTTEAU,1890 ; NUCLEOLITIDAE Nucleolites quadratus (DESOR,1856) ; POLYCIDARIDAE Paracidaris elegans (MÜNSTER in GOLDFUSS,1826) ; PERICOSMIDAE Pericosmus hispanicus COTTEAU,1889 ; PYGAULIDAE Pygorhynchus botellae COTTEAU,1889 ; SCHIZASTERIDAE Schizaster parkinsoni (DEFRANCE,1835) ; EMIRATIIDAE Polydiadema bipunctata (DESOR,1856), Polydiadema langi (DESOR,1856) ; PSEUDODIADEMATIDAE Pseudodiadema tenue (AGASSIZ,1840) ; TITHONIIDAE Tithonia convexa (CATULLO,1827) ; PARECHINIDAE Psammechinus tortonicus (GREGORY,1891).
28/08/2011 Here some minor additions to the site : HEMIASTERIDAE Ditremaster scillae (WRIGHT,1855) ; ECHINOLAMPADIDAE Echinolampas similis AGASIZ,1840 ; Echinolampas aldrichi TWITCHELL,1915 ; Echinolampas sulcatus POMEL,1885 ; TOXASTERIDAE : Epiaster thomasi GAUTHIER,1876 ; HOLASTERIDAE : Holaster simplex SHUMMARD,1853 ; FAUJASIIDAE : Gongrochanus herschelianus (M'CLELAND,1840) ; SCHIZASTERIDAE : Linthia macphersoni COTTEAU,1889 ; ASTRICLYPEIDAE : Amphiope bioculata (DESMOULINS,1835) ; DIADEMATIDAE : Centrostephanus fragilisTSHIRE in WRIGHT,1882)
07/08/2011 This time, we do not propose to see new galleries of sea urchins, but an article. For a long time it had not happened, but we lack of contributors (by the way, if you are interested in publishing texts do not hesitate!). For what we are interested in the ad, it will be a paper about the great echinologist Gustave Cotteau. Following his death, two of his contemporaries have published obituaries. In them is told the life of our beloved paleontologist. His life, as well as science of man every day. These obituaries are transcriptions of articles in scientific journals. We hope that through these articles you will learn more about him, the one that everyone here know the name. We added an engraving of a portrait of him, this type of representation is quite rare.
15/05/2011 As usually, this message to inform you about another big update. I promise that in the next one, an article will be proposed ! But... this is a surprise for you. For the moment, let's enjoy this major publication. You'll notice that a big part of it is devoted to Stomechinids, and especially to the genus Thierychinus with a lot of big and gorgeous specimens.
Trachyaster almerae COTTEAU,1889 ; STOMECHINIDAE Stomechinus multigranularis (COTTEAU,1851), Stomechinus figuigensis LAMBERT,1925, Thierychinus delaunayi LAMBERT,1914 : several specimens of different sizes (in millimeters) : 66 - 67 - 68 - 70 -72 (2) - 77 (2) - 79 - 81 - 83 - 85 - 90 - 92, Stomechinus tinginatus VADET,2005
Wythella eldridgei (TWITCHELL,1915), Weisbordella cubae (WEISBORD)
PSYCHOCIDARIDAE Tylocidaris (Oedematocidaris) asperula (ROEMER,1841) ; Caenocidaris cucumifera (AGASSIZ,1840)
HOLECTYPIDAE  Cohenholectypus excisus DESOR,1847 ; Camerogalerus dixoni (FORBES,1850)
EMIRATIIDAE Diplopodia pentagona M'COY,1843, Tetragramma variolare (BRONGNIART,1822)
CIDARIDAE Dorocidaris taouzensis LAMBERT,1933
HETERODIADEMATIDAE  Heterodiadema lybica DESOR,1846 several specimens (mm) : 26 - 33 - 35 (2) - 36 - 37 - 43 - 48 - 36 (2)
Orthopsis ovata (COQUAND,1862) several specimens (mm) : 63 - 52
Pseudodiadema peroni COTTEAU
ACROSALENIIDAE Acrosalenia mideltensis VADET,2010
HEMICIDARIDAE Cidaropsis anoualensis VADET,2010
TOXASTERIDAE Toxaster granosus (d'ORBIGNY,1853) several specimens (mm) : 21 - 28 - 32 - 33
There has been no updates since a few weeks, as you noticed !
Please, note that they are verbatims, or extracts of original works when pointed out. We hope that this work will be helpfull for you and feel free to write us if you've more precise informations than those reported in these pages.
PSEUDODIADEMATIDAE Pseudodiadema seguini LAMBERT 1900, Pseudodiadema pseudodiadema (LAMARCK,1816) ;
Micropsis batalleri (LAMBERT,1933) two specimens 31 & 43 mm, Thylechinus schlumbergeri (COTTEAU,1864), Thylechinus chardoni LAMBERT & ROCH,1937
Pseudopedina bakeri (WRIGHT,1858)
Pseudosorella richardsoni (RICHARDSON & PARIS,1908)
Pygaster ornatus (BUCKMAN in MURCHISON,1845) four new samples : 30, 52, 52 & 69 mm
Pygaulus subaequalis ABASSIZ,1847
Studeria spratti (WRIGHT,1864), Studeria subcarinata (GOLDFUSS,1826) three samples
Tetragramma autissiodorense (COTTEAU), Tetragramma malbosi (AGASSIZ,1846)
Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) sceptrifera (MANTELL,1822)
Epiaster seynensis (LAMBERT,1920), Toxaster collegnii (SISMONDA,1843), Toxaster argilaceus (d'ORBIGNY,1853)
Pygaulus subaequalis AGASSIZ,1847
Schizaster calceolus LAMBERT,1907, Schizaster desori WRIGHT,1855, Schizaster cavernosus POMEL,1887, Schizaster globulus DAMES,1877, Schizaster vilanovae COTTEAU,1889
Rhabdocidaris nummulitica (SISMONDA in BELLARDI,1852)
Rhyncholampas carolinensis (TWITCHELL,1915)
Stegaster subtrigonatus (CATULLO,1827), Stegaster novoi LAMBERT,1931
Rovasendia canavarii AIRAGHI,1901, Stenonaster tuberculosus (DESOR,1858)
Leptosalenia folium-querci (DESOR,1854), Salenia garciae COTTEAU,1890, Salenia geometrica AGASSIZ,1838, Salenia maxima ARNAUD,1896
Schizechinus saheliensis (POMEL,1887)
17/12/2010 Hello All, Just click them !
LOVENIDAE Lovenia carinata (COTTEAU,1889) , Lovenia anteroalta (GREGORY,1891) Lovenia duncani GREGORY,1891 Hemipatagus hoffmanni (GOLDFUSS,1826)
SCHIZASTERIDAE   Linthia macphersoni COTTEAU,1889 Linthia vilanovae COTTEAU,1889
ARCHAEOCIDARIDAE   Archaeocidaris brownwoodensis SCHNEIDER et al.,2005
MACROPNEUSTIDAE   Macropneustes brissoides (LESKE,1778)
STOMECHINIDAE  Magnosia forbesi (WRIGHT) forme géante
HEMIASTERIDAE  Mecaster batnensis (COQUAND,1862) spécimens de 41, 42 et 46 millimètres ; Mecaster cf. saulcyanus (d'ORBIGNY,1854) spécimens de 23 et 30 millimètres ; Mecaster lusitanicus (de LORIOL,1888)
PHYMOSOMATIDAE  Micropsis lusseri de LORIOL,1875
ARACHNOIDIDAE  Monostychia etheridgei (JOHNSTON,1887)
APATOPYGIDAE  Nucleopygus (Jolyclypus) jolyi (GAUTHIER,1898) ; Nucleopygus kailensis LAMBERT,1931 ; Nucleopygus parallelus (AGASSIZ,1847) ; Nucleopygus similis d'ORBIGNY,1855
NUCLEOLITIDAE  Nucleolites micraulus AGASSIZ,1839
CONULIDAE  Pseudopyrina cylindrica (GRAS,1848)
MICRASTERIDAE  Ovulaster auberti GAUTHIER,1892 spécimens de 22, 26 et 27 millimètres ; Ovulaster auberti var. sabathensis GAUTHIER,1892 ; Ovulaster gauthieri COTTEAU,1884  ; Ovulaster zignoanus (d'ORBIGNY,1854)
03/11/2010 As usually, I'm late, so late... but it was essentially for a good reason : this update is one of the biggest I ever uploaded on echinologia. So my apologies for this long time without news. Maybe you've noticed also, that diagnoses and descriptions are updated also at the same time I publish new specimens. The hardest one was without contest, the one dedicated to Hemiasteridae family, as it is so extensive. lol
And now, If you've some time to waste, let's enjoy
HEMIASTERIDAE Bolbaster gauthieri (PERON,1877) ; Hemiaster batalleri LAMBERT,1933 ; Mecaster batnensis (COQUAND,1862) some new specimens of 29, 30, 32, 32, 33, 33, 35, 40 and 50 mm in diameter ; Hemiaster regulusanus d'ORBIGNY,1854
Hemipatagus hoffmanni (GOLDFUSS,1829)
HEMIPNEUSTIDAE Hemipneustes striatoradiatus (LESKE,1778)
Heterodiadema libycum (DESOR,1846)
Holectypus sarthasensis COTTEAU,1856 ; Holectypus hemisphaericus (DESOR,1842) ; Holectypus depressus (LESKE,1778) many specimens
Holosalenia batnensis (COTTEAU, PERON & GAUTHIER,1879)
AEROPSIDAE Homoeaster auberti (GAUTHIER,1892) ; Homoeaster evaristei (COTTEAU,1886), three specimens 31, 35 and 25mm in diameter
Hypodiadema guerangeri (COTTEAU,1857)
Ilarionia beggiatoi (LAUBE,1868) ; Ilarionia damesi BITTNER,1880
Infulaster excentricus (WOODWARD,1833)

19/09/2010 As the weather is a little bit sunny only, I tried to put some order on the website. There are some new galleries for this week : LOVENIDAE  Gualtieria alicantina SANTOLAYA, 1993, Gualtieria aegrota DAMES, 1877 ; HEMICIDARIDAE many specimens of the two species : Gymnocidaris koechlini (COTTEAU,1862), Gymnocidaris pustulosa (AGASSIZ,1847) ; ROTULIDAE   Heliophora orbiculus var. orbiculus (LINNE,1758).
04/09/2010 A large update for this sunny week end ... in the north east of France ! Toxasteridae Epiaster polygonus (Agassiz), Toxaster seynensis (Lambert), Epiaster Thomasi Gauthier, Epiaster trigonalis (Desor) ; Maretiidae Eupatagus carolinensis Clark, Eupatagus collabus Kruse & Philip, Eupatagus murrayensis Laube ; Rhabdocidaridae Fellius pouechi (Cotteau) ; Pourtalesiidae Galeaster bertrandi Seunes ; Archiaciidae Gentilia tafileltensis Lambert ; Pliolampadidae Gitolampas testudinarius (Desor) ; Conulidae Globator (Pseudopyrina) darderi (Lambert) ; Acropeltidae Goniopygus coutini  Lambert spécimens de 34, 38, 40 et 43mm, Goniopygus delphinensis Gras
12/07/2010 For today, we added several specimens as : CONOCLYPIDAE Conoclypus cotteaui LAMBERT    Collection J.-F.  D. ; MICRASTERIDAE / CYCLASTERINAE Cyclaster aturicus (SEUNES) Cyclaster heberti (NICKLES) Cyclaster vilanovae (COTTEAU) ; HEMIASTERIDAE / PALAEOSTOMINAE Ditremaster nux (DESOR) ; STOMECHINIDAE Diplechinus hebbriensis LAMBERT
06/06/2010 ECHINOMETRIDAE Today, we added the diagnosis of the two specimens in the Echinometridae family :   Heterocentrotus mammillatus AGASSIZ   Heterocentrotus trigonarius   AGASSIZ ;
CONOCLYPIDAE Two new specimens of
Conoclypus subcylindricus (MÜNSTER,1843) were also added (40 & 43mm) ; Two new specimens of the great Conoclypus conoideus (LESKE,1778). One of them provided by JFD, a friend of mine. He also provided some other pics, wich will illustrate future updates. For the moment, we've only use one of them for Conoclypus vilanovae(COTTEAU,1890).
28/03/2010 There has been no updates since a few weeks, as you noticed ! As on February the work focused on a more important contribution than only pictures. The following families, (and also all genera and species figured) that follow are now accompanied with the original diagnosis or descriptions of contemporary writers.
Please, note that they are verbatims, or extracts of original works when pointed out. We hope that this work will be helpfull for you and feel free to write us if you've more precise informations than those reported in these pages.
The previous updates were for the following families : Acropeltidae, Acrosalniidae, Aeropsidea, Anorthopygidae, Apatopygidae, Arachnoididae, Arbaciidae, Archaeocidaridae, Archiaciidae, Astriclypeidae, "basal meridosternata", Brissidae, Brissopsidae, Cardiasteridae, Cassidulidae, Catopygidae, Cidaridae, Clypeasteridae.
I added the same framework for : Clypeidae, Clypeolampadidae, Collyritidae, Conoclypidae, Conulidae, Corystidae, Diplocidaridae, Disasteridae, Echinarachniidae, Echinocorythidae and last but not least : Echinolampadidae (a great work for this last one, and a friend of mine gave me also at least three new species, wich will be figured in a little bit of time).


28/03/2010 As the weather is rainy outside, I tried to put some order on the website. There are some new galleries for this week : CLYPEASTERIDAE (be patient, the pictures are bigger than usually), Clypeaster humilis (LESKE,1778), Clypeaster aegypticus MICHELIN,1863 , Clypeaster brevior (SEGUENZA,1880) , Clypeaster convexus VADASZ,1905 , Clypeaster folium AGASSIZ,1847 , Clypeaster olisiponensis MICHELIN,1861 , Clypeaster rangianus DESMOULINS,1835 ; SALENIIDAE : Bathysalenia granulosa (WOODWARD,1856) ; ARCHIACIIDAE : five new specimens (37, 50, 39, 50 and 32mm long) of : Claviaster libycus THOMAS & GAUTHIER, 1889 ; AEROPSIDAE : Coraster vilanovae (COTTEAU,1886) two specimens , Coraster marsooi SEUNES,1888 two specimens , Coraster beneharnicus SEUNES,1888 two specimens ; CLYPEOLAMPADIDAE ;  Clypeolampas perovalis (ARNAUD,1877) ; ARBACIIDAE : Coelopleurus coronalis AGASSIZ,1848, Coelopleurus (Murravechinus) paucituberculatus (GREGORY,1890)

24/02/2010 There has been no updates since a few weeks, as you surely noticed ! The work focused on a more important contribution than only pictures. Indeed, families, genera and species that follow are now accompanied with the original diagnosis or descriptions of contemporary writers. Please, note that they are verbatims, or extracts of original works when pointed out. We hope that this work will be helpfull for you and feel free to write us if you've more precise informations than those reported in these pages. The latest updates are for the following families : Acropeltidae, Acrosalniidae, Aeropsidea, Anorthopygidae, Apatopygidae, Arachnoididae, Arbaciidae, Archaeocidaridae, Archiaciidae, Astriclypeidae, "basal meridosternata", Brissidae, Brissopsidae, Cardiasteridae, Cassidulidae, Catopygidae, Cidaridae, Clypeasteridae.

18/12/2009 The snow is still here, in Eastern France. And so I prefer working hard for you, instead making snowmens. BRISSOPSIDAE : Brissopsis mediterranea MORTENSEN,1913 ; GALEROPYGIDAE Aulacopygus subcircularis (COTTEAU,1874) ; FAUJASIDAE , Stigmatopyginae : Australanthus florescens (GREGORY, 1892) ; and last but not the least :  ARCHAEOCIDARIDAE Archaeocidaris brownwoodensis SCHNEIDER & al.,2005

14/12/2009 I'm late with the "sunday gallery" : I've little problem with my health... It has also taken a time for this update, because there was a lot of text to add (a lot of pics also). HOLASTERIDAE :   Cibaster leymeriei (Cotteau,1887) ; Cibaster minor (COTTEAU,1860) ; ARBACIIDAE : Gymnodiadema choffati DE LORIOL, 1884 (four big specimens) ; Codiopsis lorini COTTEAU,1851 (three perfect specimens)

06/12/2009 Today, we added some new specimens in the Cassidulidae family :  Cassidulus trojanus COOKE,1942 ;  Eurhodia amygdala (DESOR,1863). And as you'll see, I added also a large verbatim of orignal/subsequent descriptions for the whole family. Hope it will helps. I'll be glad to receive your comments about this new feature.

22/11/2009 Rainy week end, I can upload ! I hope that ancient diagnoses, descriptions are usefull for you. For instance, ECHINARACHNIIDAE :  Astrodapsis davisi GRANT & EATON,1941 ; Astrodapsis whitneyi REMOND, 1864

22/11/2009 for this update, just follow : ANORTHOPYGIDAE : Anorthopygus orbicularis (GRATELOUP,1836) ; PSYCHOCIDARIDAE : Balanocidaris glandifera (MÜNSTER in GOLDFUSS, 1829)
PYGAULIDAE : Pygorhynchus loryi (LAMBERT) ; GLYPHOCYPHIDAE : Arachniopleurus reticulatus DUNCAN & SLADEN,1882.

22/11/2009 Nucleolitidae : /Asterobrissus fourteaui/ (LAMBERT,1913) : As you certainly noticed, this link is not correct. The real echinoid to be showed wasn't at all a Nucleolitid, but Aphelaster integerer, a toxasterid. My apologies for this inversion.

22/11/2009 Today, we added some new specimens and also new taxinomic descriptions, for : Acropeltidae : Acropeltis atlantica REY,1989 ; Archiaciidae: Archiacia santonensis (d'ARCHIAC,1855) ; Nucleolitidae : Asterobrissus fourteaui (LAMBERT,1913)

14/11/2009 I start again to upload new galleries. It has taken a time, because there was a lot of photos to shoot. IMPORTANT : I added since today the original description, diagnosis for genus and species. Let me know by email if this is useful or not for you. ORTHOPSIDAE A big species represented on the site by five specimens : Orthopsis ovata (COQUAND,1862) ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE : big Thylechinus also Thylechinus schlumbergeri (COTTEAU,1864).

23/08/2009 Nobody on the planet in August ! I'm a poor lonesome echinoid boy... Just a word to introduce the last update : Arbacia improcera (CONRAD) ; Eupatagus ornatus (DEFRANCE) ; Dorocidaris bazerquei LAMBERT ; Paracidaris (Paracidaris) florigemma (PHILIPS) ; Maretia ocellata (DEFRANCE) ; Spatangus cf. purpureus MÜLLER the last one, promised... ; Echinocorys gravesii (DESOR)
Echinocory scutata (LESKE)
; Heteraster oblongus (d'ORBIGNY) another one... ; Clypeus plotii LESKE ; Mepygurus depressus (AG. in AG. & DESOR) ; Gauthieria pseudomagnifica (COTTEAU) ; Nucleolites micraulus AGASSIZ

01/08/2009 Another "click and see" serie : As requested by some of you, only common echinoids in this update. ASTRICLYPEIDAE  Amphiope bioculata (DESMAREST) ;   Amphiope ; ovalifora (DESMAREST) EMIRATIIDAE, DIPLOPODINAE Diplopodia planissimum (AGASSIZ) ;   Diplopodia versipora WRIGHT HEMICIDARIDAE, PSEUDOCIDARINAE  Cidaropsis minor (AGASSIZ) MARETIIDAE   Eupatagus floridanus CLARK ;   Eupatagus antillarum (COTTEAU) ;   Eupatagus murrayensis LAUBE.

18/07/2009 As you has certainly noticed, the index pages called "galeries" was too long to be on a single screen and you have had to use the scrolling. So I decided to split it in "letter by letter index", it's more difficult for me to manage but give you the possibility of a smoother surf. Don't hesitate to give me your appreciation about this modification. For the instant, just a single update regarding : Brissidae : Metalia gneffensis (FOURTEAU) ; Micrasteridae : Micraster coranguinum (LESKE) ; Toxasteridae : Macraster pseudoelegans ADKINS ; Oligopygidae : Oligopygus haldemani (CONRAD) ; Orthopsidae : Orthopsis miliaris d'ARCHIAC ; Toxopneustidae : Schizechinus serialis (POMEL) ; Galeropygidae : Galeropygus agariciformis (WRIGHT) ; Hemiasteridae : Leymeriaster similis (d'ORBIGNY) ; Basal meridosternata (Holasteridae ?) : Crassiholaster subglobosus (LESKE)
Galeropygidae :
Hyboclypus gibberulus AGASSIZ (the specific attrib. of the last one is doubtfull).

24/06/2009 : Twice a day now ! For this update, just follow :

Macraster vatonnei (COQUAND) Toxasteridae
Epiaster laxoporus (d'ORBIGNY) Toxasteridae
Micraster decipiens (BAYLE) Micrasteridae
Micraster cortestudinarium (GOLDFUSS) Micrasteridae

24/06/2009 : After the bad last week during wich my hosting compagny had failed to assume his responsability in terms of technology, nor in communication... The site was down as you've noticed, without possibility to upload something, Raid disks down also... As I would like to stay as polite as possible, I will not give my sentiment about this situation, nor about this company, just it's name :

for what we're occupying, I continue to inform you about the news related to the galleries. Today, we publish :
Clypeolampas leskei (GOLDFUSS) Clypeolampadidae ; Hemiaster corculum (LAUBE) Hemiasteridae ; Hemiaster withei (CLARK) Hemiasteridae ; Encope emarginata (LESKE) Mellitidae (juvenile specimen)

11/06/2009 Yes, it's unusual, we're not at the end of the week, but I've a little bit time to waste... MICRASTERIDAE   Cyclaster archeri (TENISON & WOODS) ; HEMIASTERIDAE (Palaeostominae) Ditremaster covazi (TARAMELLI) ; Bolbaster planedeclivis (GREGORY) ; TOXASTERIDAE : Epiaster crassissimus (DEFRANCE) ; ANORTHOPYGIDAE :   Anorthopygus orbicularis (GRATELOUP)

01/06/2009 Last update for today : lets have some polish echinoids. Pygasteridae : Pygaster morrisi WRIGHT, two bid specimens (not yet cleaned... because of the concrete hard limestone) ; Pygaster tenuis AGASSIZ.

01/06/2009 Twice a day... This afternoon was dedicated to : SCHIZASTERIDAE : Periaster elatus (DESMOULINS) ; Periaster verneuilli (DESOR) ;
Anisaster mossomi (COOKE) ; HEMIASTERIDAE : Hemiaster angustipneustes DESOR ; Mecaster amaliae (PERON & GAUTHIER) ; MICRASTERIDAE : Micraster leskei DESMOULINS.

01/06/2009 Just a word about the previous message. I wrote that all specimens figured in the last update were common... But as a matter of fact, I have to correct with this : "except" Pedinopsis, wich is as scarce as possible, as you know certainly. Today I would like to show another specimens of Pseudogibbaster tercensis (5 new) : they are very different in their global shape and also in the ambulacrum design.
Two of them have closed ambulacra in the proximal area (apex zone) and a impair ambulacrum shorter than normally. Maybe they are females ? If someone have an idea about this, I will be glad to read something about this. The other figurations are about : SCHIZASTERIDAE :
Linthia canaliculata (COTTEAU) ; Linthia wilmingtonensis CLARK ; MICRASTERIDAE : Ovulaster gauthieri  COTTEAU ; TOXASTERIDAE : Pliotoxaster paquieri LAMBERT ; HEMIASTERIDAE : Hemiaster stella (MORTON) ; Mecaster meghilensis LAMBERT

30/05/2009 For this update, only common echinoids, from Europe and Africa : Pedinopsidae :  Pedinopsis meridanensis COTTEAU ; Toxasteridae :  Toxaster peroni LAMBERT, Toxaster africanus (COQUAND) var. rochi LAMBERT ; Toxaster subcavatus (GAUTHIER in COTTEAU, PERON & GAUTHIER) ; Micrasteridae :  Pseudogibbaster tercensis (COTTEAU) inflated morph.

04/04/2009 With this update, you get a large variety of sea urchins : regulars, irregulars, old, near recent, from Europe, From Asia.
Be cool, it's sunday, sunny sunday
: HEMICIDARIDAE : Pseudocidaris mammosa (AGASSIZ) ; Gymnocidaris agassizi (ROEMER) ;
MICRASTERIDAE Pseudogibbaster tercensis (COTTEAU) ; CLYPEIDAE : Pygurus blumenbachi (KUCH & DUNKER) two specimens ; Pygurus jurensis MARCOU ; Mepygurus depressus (AGASSIZ in AG. & DESOR) two specimens ; SCHIZASTERIDAE : Schizaster globulus DAMES ; SCUTELLIDAE : Scaphechinus mirabilis AGASSIZ two specimens.

30/03/2009 Saturday, Sunday, Monday.... and... STOP. Updates today for : HEMIASTERIDAE Palhemiaster comanchei ; FAUJASIIDAE/ Stigmatopyginae : Petalobrissus rawdahensis ; MICRASTERIDAE : Ovulaster gauthieri ; TOXASTERIDAE : Toxaster retusus, two specimens

29/03/2009 Today you will see some pictures related to the toxasteridae. Maybe should I use the term "toxasterids" or even "spatangoids", since the classification is always under work and so unclear. But you understand what I mean, no ? If somebody has an idea about...
On the other hand, please let me know if some of the new pages we have published recently contain broken links or other errors. Many thanks.
I'm sorry to say that from today the pictures will be bigger (around 100-110 kb) and therefore longer to load for those who don't have fast internet connection. But on the other hand, the quality is better, because of the low compression ratio.

28/03/2009 No galleries since at least three week : my apologies for this, but I was (very) busy. I'm proud to present the following of the big collection of Hemiasterids.
In addition you'll get one representant of Aeropsidae and another one of Holasteridae, just click below please. Holaster senonensis ; Homoeaster auberti ; Leymeriaster similis ; Mecaster pseudofourneli (two specimens, the second one has a special peristome) ; Mecaster scutiger ; Mecaster syriacus.

21/02/2009 This time, at least 90 % of the update is dedicated to Hemiasteridae, one of the most common, most variable genus. A morphological plasticity just for collector's pleaure.
But I cannot resist also to put one or two cidarids, one or two Micrasters...

  • Plegiocidaris bradfordensis
  • Plegiocidaris crucifera
  • Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) sceptrifera
  • Micraster cf. normanniae
  • Micraster glyphus
  • Micraster gourdoni
  • Micraster leskei
  • Micraster decipiens
  • Hemiaster bufo
  • Hemiaster cenomanensis
  • Mecaster latigrunda (my preffered)
  • Mecaster gabrielis
  • Mecaster ameliae
  • Bolbaster prunella
  • Hemiaster punctatus

21/02/2009 Last time for this week. For this issue, are concerned : SCHIZASTERIDAE   Linthia canaliculata (COTTEAU) ; HEMIASTERIDAE  Mecaster cubicus DESOR ; LAGANIDAE / Laganinae   Sismondia intermedia FABRE, Sismondia testudo COTTEAU, Sismondia archiaci COTTEAU ; ECHINOCORYTHIDAE  Echinocorys sulcatus (GOLDFUSS) ; CLYPEIDAE Mepygurus depressus (AGASSIZ), Mepygurus michelini (COTTEAU), Mepygurus marmonti (BEAUDOUIN).

20/02/2009 For this update : only common echinoids, from Europe and America : Hemididaris crenularis (GOLDFUSS) ; Hemicidaris langrunensis COTTEAU ; Hemicidaris luciensis d'ORBIGNY ; Hemicidaris purbeckensis FORBES ; Hemitiaris stramonium (AGASSIZ) ; Merriamaster perrini (WEAVER) ; Peronella orbicularis (LESKE) ; Jacksonaster depressum AGASSIZ

17/02/2009 After the bad yellow background, another one is the black. With this update, you'll get american echinoids (I love their shapes) and some good oldies from France : Hemiasterids. My apologies for the pictures : sometimes they are too big if you don't have DSL. Encope grandis AGASSIZ ; Encope emarginata (LESKE) ; Encope tamiamiensis MANSFIELD ; Encope angelensis DIRHAM ; Encope carmenensis DURHAM ; Encope micropora (AGASSIZ) ; Hemiaster arnaudi COTTEAU ; Bolbaster prunella (LAMARCK) ; Leymeriaster similis (d'ORBIGNY)

15/02/2009 Sunday, sunday... sunny sunday... COLD sunday. Outside temperature is below 5°C and I'm happy to be behind my desk, preparing new galleries for you all. Today I would like to illustrate the variety of echinids through nine species as different as possible. Just take a look ! Acrocidaris nobilis AGASSIZ, Conoclypus vilanovae (COTTEAU), Eurhodia rugosa (RAVENEL), Eurhodia rugosa depressa (RAVENEL), Gitolampas desmoulinsis (DELBOS) 75mm new specimen better than the first one, Gitolampas scutella (LAMARCK), Heliophora orbicularis (LINNE) var. dentata LESKE, Heliophora orbiculus var orbiculus (LINNE) very scarce in this condition, Rotuloidea fimbriata ETHERIDGE.

08/02/2009 for the end of this week, I decided that il would be better for me to shoot some pictures of echinoids than having my nose in ancient litterature. That's why you will get only this update with some common echinoids. Be sure that determinations for Collyrites can be discussed, because there's nothing clear for this genus... Collyrites elliptica (LAMARCK) ; Collyrites dorsalis (AGASSIZ) ; Collyrites cheveti VADET et al. ; Cardiopelta bicordata (LESKE) ; Dendraster gibbsi (REMOND) ; Dendraster venturaensis (KEW).

31/01/2009 It's my pleasure to thanks again my friend Chris from South Aussie : he sent me some pictures of the type of a recently created species of Rhynchopygus. You can enjoy the pictures of these specimens here (holotype and one of the paratypes) : Rhynchopygus janchrisorum Holmes, Ah Yee & Krause, 2004

I've also updated the family Saleniidae with the followings : Leptosalenia prestensis (Desor,1856) ; Leptosalenia grasi (Cotteau,1861) ; Leptosalenia mexicana (Schlüter,1887) ; Leptosalenia texana (Credner,1875) ; Salenia (Salenia) geometrica Agassiz,1838 ; Salenia (Salenia) leanderensis Ikins,1940 ; Salenia (Salenia) scotti Ikins,1940 ;

Stomechinids with a pyriform and giant form of Magnosia (not yet described, but maybe in the variation domain of M. forbesi, and treated as this on echinologia) : Magnosia forbesi (Wright,1851)

24/01/2009 updates for the followings : Dorocidaris taouzensis (with apical system) ; Diplocidaris incerta (big specimen) ; new specimens for stomechinids : Stomechinus bigranularis 44 & 60 mm ; Stomechinus morierei 45mm.

23/01/2009 Just a little word about a (little) mistake I have done when constructing the page dedicated to Arachnoididae. For Fellaster incisa, the real reference is (TATE,1893) and not at all SADLER & PLEDGE,1985. A friend of mine, who lives in Australia pointed it out and report it to us : a big thank to him, great connoiseur of Aussie echinoids. with this update, I will continue the serie of Rhynchopygus with another two specimens from my friend "Sarthacensis". The first one is the type species of the genus. Just have a look folks...

Rhynchopygus marmini (Agassiz, 1847)
Rhynchopygus savini (Cotteau, 1894)

03/01/2009 One more time and as we use to say in France : "jamais deux sans trois". This is why you've got a third message today. For this issue, are concerned :
Stomechinus bigranularis (LAMARCK) specimen of 42mm in diameter ; Stomechinus morierei COTTEAU specimens of 34 & 36mm in diameter ; PHYMOSOMATIDAE / Phymosoma raguini LAMBERT three specimens of 35, 38 & 40mm in diameter ; EMIRATIIDAE / Polydiadema royeri LAMBERT ; ECHINARACHNIIDAE / Proescutella caillaudi (COTTEAU)

03/01/2009 Following my last message, please find hereafter some updates for cidaroids : CIDARIDAE / Temnocidaris (Stereocidaris) subvesiculosa (d'ORBIGNY) another two specimens of Plegiocidaris saemanni (COTTEAU) 17 and 27mm in diameter ; HEMICIDARIDAE --> PSEUDOCIDARINAE / Pseudocidaris precincta (LAMBERT) two specimens ; DIPLOCIDARIDAE / Diplocidaris mauritanicus JEANNET

03/01/2009 Today we update the Arachnoididae with (probably female specimen) : Willungaster scutellaris PHILIP & FOSTER and create a new page with Neolampadidae for : Studeria elegans (LAUBE). The second exemplar kindly provided by a friend of mine (J.-F.D., also called "Sarthacensis" on some internet forums). We add also a new species of Rhynchopygus (Faujasiidae) : Rhynch. gauthieri (de GROSSOUVRE), it comes from Sartha's collection too. I hope that you'll be informed today again about another new galleries, if I've some time to waste with fossils...

27/12/2008 Let's add some new specimens in the schizasterids collection with : Schizaster armiger, S. depressum, S. ocalanus, S. rimosus.

26/12/2008 Again ! for another update for Pygasteridae with : P. laganoides ; for Salenidae with : Salenia (Pleurosalenia) tertiara and Holosalenia batnensis.

26/12/2008 Today, one new family with the Spatangidae : Spatangus cf. euglyphus, S. corsicus ; a new addition in the Stomechinidae : a very typical and scarce Thierychinus delaunayi.

14/12/2008 This week, three species of scarce irregulars : Pericosmidae with : Pericosmus agassizi (SISMONDA), Apatopygidae with : Nucleopygus lacunosus (GOLDFUSS), Faujasiidae with : Ochetus morrisii (FORBES)

07/12/2008 : today, we update : Hemiateridae, with Mecaster luynesi COTTEAU ; Tithoniidae, with Metaporinus sarthacensis (COTTEAU) ; Conulidae, with Pseudopyrina cylindrica (GRAS)